Over the last 60 years, Buck Building Supply has evolved into a large, multi-store company you can count on. Since our namesake, Mr. Earl Buck, retired and sold the business, we have grown from the lumber yard at the top of the hill in Scotts Hill, to four locations serving multiple counties. No matter how much we grow, Buck Building Supply maintains the same values of honesty, hard work and customer service upon which this business was built. It’s a family business with family values, and Steve and Ashley Adkisson continue to run it that way. Stop in and see us, and we’ll show you why we’re the building supply business you can trust!

Our Services

  • Full Line Building Material Supplier
  • Window and Door Expert Advice
  • Free Estimates
  • Material Takeoffs
  • On Site Door and Window Takeoffs
  • Engineered Floor and Roof Systems
  • Custom Millwork
  • Stairway Layouts and Takeoffs
  • Free Delivery with purchase of $750 or more


Steve and Ashley Adkisson Owners


Steve graduated from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville with a degree in Logistics and Transportation in 2002. He began working at the family lumber company upon graduation and was the catalyst behind the growth from one store to now four locations. Steve spends most of his time working closely with the store managers and meeting with contractors to assist with project planning and development. Ashley graduated with a Master's degree in Accounting from UTK in 2002 and worked in the accounting field until she joined Steve at Buck's in late 2014. Steve and Ashley, along with their two boys Barrett and Hatcher, enjoy traveling and spending time on the lake. In addition, they enjoy watching their boys play sports and chasing them on many other adventures they seem to find.

Chris Spain Parsons Store Manager


Chris Spain has been in the building business for over twenty years. When Chris graduated from high school, he started doing carpentry work and eventually framed houses. Since 2008 he has been at Parsons with a smile on his face, eagerly awaiting the next customer he could help with the knowledge he gained from those years in the field. Chris can sit down and figure your roof, layout a deck, or advise you on windows and doors. He has worked in all aspects of the building business and knows what it takes to go from a dream on paper, to the dream house you wanted. When he is not working with customers at Parsons, he enjoys spending time with his wife and wrestling his six kids.

Dennis Moody Scotts Hill Store Manager


Dennis Moody has been with Buck Building Supply since 1984, making him the longest tenured employee at the "shed" and the only remaining person to have actually worked for Mr. Buck. There is not much Dennis doesn't know about when it comes time for building, from framing, to plumbing, to electrical, and trim work-he has done it all and is ready to work with you on your project. When Dennis isn't manning a desk at Scotts Hill, he enjoys building custom cabinets, farming and spending time with his family.

Tony Edmonds Decaturville Store Manager


Tony Edmonds has been in the building business for over twenty five years. Tony has been at the store in Decaturville for over 17 years meeting customers, breaking down house plans, doing window and door quotes, and anything else that would make the home building process easier and more efficient for our customers. Tony is one of the most well equipped managers in our area to not only help solve problems in any building project, but also come up with a solution to any problem that arises. When Tony is not manning the desk at Decaturville, he enjoys traveling to see his two sons and four grandchildren.

Kim Hearn Henderson Store Manager


Kim Hearn is the Henderson location store manager and has been in the lumber industry for 14 plus years. Kim is the team leader of the store where she takes care of the purchasing, receiving, dispatch, inventory control, and is the sales support for the outside salesman. She is also very experienced in working with customers on all types of window and door jobs, and in turn does all the estimating on window and door projects. When Kim isn't placing orders at the store, she enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.

Paul Williams Sporting Goods Manager


Paul Williams has worked in the hardware and sporting goods business for over 15 years. He prides himself on having in stock whatever you need to make that hunting or fishing trip exactly what you dream. Paul can tell you what caliber gun you need when hunting heavy West Tennessee timber, what lure you need for crappie fishing when the water is high on the river, or what caliber hand gun would be good for a lady to carry. When he is not trading guns at Parsons, Paul enjoys doing a little fishing and hunting himself, along with spending time with his family and serving his church in various roles.

Tim Childers Outside Sales Manager


Tim Childers is our Outside Salesman and has been in the lumber industry for 7 years. Tim keeps a busy schedule meeting with contractors on a daily basis, estimating takeoffs and meeting with homeowners on behalf of the contractor to help make their projects a success. Tim is very dedicated to making professional contractors' jobs easier by helping streamline the supply side of their business. When he is not meeting with contractors, Tim enjoys Mississippi State Bulldog sports, playing golf and spending time with his wife and children.

Mike Lindsey Lexington Store Manager


Mike has been in the building materials business his entire life. He started right out of high school in July of 1985 under the tutelage of Mr. Varnal Sheppard. Mike is a life long resident of Henderson county and has his hand on the pulse of building in and around the area. Mike is a seasoned professional at helping customers and contractors with everything from beam spans to window quotes. There is nothing in the building business that Mike has not encountered over his tenure. He is always ready to help get a project started and continue to be involved until its' completion. When Mike isn't behind his desk at the store, he enjoys Cardinals baseball, Alabama football, and spending time with his growing family.


Our Locations

505 West Main St
Parsons, TN 38363
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65 N. White Oak St.
Decaturville, TN 38329
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(731) 852-3515 fax

970 Highway 114 S
Scotts Hill, TN 38374
(731) 549-3128 ph
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2975 Old Jackson Rd
Henderson, TN 38340
(731) 989-2363 ph
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574 East Church St.
Lexington, TN 38351
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